Marketing Challenges Related With The Digital Era

Digital Marketing (3)

Nowadays, everyone know what is the meaning of social media, right? In case, that you do not know, this is the definition of this concept: “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.” Got it? PERFECT! Now, we can continue our discussion of the day.

When, the first social medias were launched, marketers knew there was a new challenge. Since, many of their audience were using them and paying attention to whatever happened there. A few years ago, marketers used to work with magazines, newspapers, television, etc. However, when social media arrived everything changed. Since, marketers needed to create new strategies and plans in order to think more “digital“.


As an example, social media is now the #1 activity on the web. If you do not think is true , check the video below. Which have more interesting facts about it!

Okay, now that probably you learned more about how social media impacts all businesses we can start discussing the different challenges that marketers have to go through nowadays.

Generating traffic and leads.png

Making people go to your website or check your brand is one of the hardest challenges that marketers face nowadays. Since, they need to create an exceptional content in order to attract people to their website or product. Moreover, now every company or brand need to do their best in order to have the best content since is all about competition and how have the best marketing. However, social media helps to increase awareness and audience since it is everywhere. Nowadays, marketers need to be updated with what is happening worldwide in order to make a successful campaign and attract their respective target market.

In the link below, you can check a few ways to attract more traffic and leads to your website.

Generating traffic and leads (1).png

By doing a great advertising marketers need to have in mind that it will be expensive. Specially, nowadays when platforms know the influence that they create on people. Companies such as, Google and Facebook keep increasing their rates across the board. However, Instagram can be a good option for people creating their small business. Since, they rate start with $5 and you can choose the number of accounts that you want to reach. This tool is very helpful since you can determine the age range, sex, geography and the purpose of your campaign. However, not all of them offer this kind of price since they keep increasing their popularity and impact through the years.  Nevertheless, it is always price vs quality and what we need always is having an excellent quality.

Generating traffic and leads (3).png

It is highly important to create a website that attract their desired audience and target market. Since, customers nowadays tend to check their favourites brands through the internet. Moreover, websites need also to be mobile friendly since everyone uses their smart phones to check in what’s new.  Since, the main idea of develop a excellent website is to attract their customers and reach the company goals.  Also, it is important to use an attracting and well design theme for the page since a clean and organized page seems more appealing for customers.

Link to know more about managing a website

In fact, now that we are talking about how social media affect each company or brand. We can focus in a few mistakes or failures in digital marketing and how the brands solve the issue.

Yes, you probably hear about the huge Domino’s Pizza social media crisis back in 2009. When an employee from the brand decided to upload a video on YouTube of “how they do the pizza’s at the chain”. In overall, the video was very disgusting and of course they created a viral video that went over all internet. However, this company knew how to handle the situation since they did a video apologizing for the video and the PR create a hashtag on Twitter that answered about 1000 tweets from clients with different questions about what was happening and the video. Moreover, now thanks to that crisis that the company went through they are positioned as one of the food chains with more influence and followers on Twitter.  This is an excellent example, of how social media and of course PR works together and can improve a brand awareness and brand image.





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